The integrated project team INSYSTEMS and LANIT INTEGRATION completed the design and construction of 35 systems of the stadium.
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Data center (engineering and IT infrastructure)
  • Security systems
  • Local area network (LAN)
  • Automatic telephone system
  • Satellite television systems, IPTV, video advertising system
  • LCD panels and advertising banners
  • Intersound system
  • Equipment for commentator"s positions
  • Broadcast systems

The stadium was reconstructed in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The total area of the stadium was 221,000 square meters, with the seating capacity of 81,000. 10,500 fire alarms, 5,100 PA systems, 1,300 video surveillance cameras, 650 LCD screens, and 88 double-sided full height turnstiles were installed. The total length of cable lines exceeded 2,000 km. The experts have taken into account the requirements of Russian organizations and agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service, and the Federal Protective Service, as well as the requirements of FIFA Handbook.

The team is now working on equipping temporary establishments at Luzhniki Olympic Complex with engineering systems and installing Internet access for spectators (high density Wi-Fi).

Luzhniki Stadium is one of the Moscow landmarks. Given the complexity of the project, the deadlines for its implementation were extremely tight. When dealing with such tight deadlines, there"s no room for error. We had to make the right choices right away and choose the most effective solutions. How did we pull it off? The unique design was built taking into consideration all the necessary project management techniques. Each step during the design and construction process was agreed upon. We put together a highly-skilled team of contractors. The stadium was built in a friendly atmosphere.
Galina Gorgyushina
Director of Design & Engineering
The Grand Sports Arena at Luzhniki Olympic Complex was reconstructed in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Based on the voting of the professional jury, it won the Stadium of the Year 2017 international competition which took place on the Stadium Database portal.Stadium Database. Luzhniki Stadium was the first to get the final score of 7.84 points, of which the architecture earned 3points (with a maximum value of 4), functionality brought 3.16 points (with a maximum value of 4), innovation netted 1.68 points (with a maximum value of 2).