• digitized the existing design documentation for the Mil Mi-34 light utility and training helicopter using the PLM technology,
  • conducted training sessions for staff members of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant in 3D modeling, design, analysis, and CNC machines programming systems.

Introduction of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) echnology at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Implied several stages.The first stage was to digitize the existing design documentation for the Mil Mi-34 light utility and training helicopter. The use of the PLM technology allowed to fulfill the order for modernization of the Mil Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters and to prepare the Mil Mi-38 medium transport helicopter for serial production, creation of the Mil Mi-171A2 civil passenger transport helicopter, and launch of a new project entailing production of a prospective mid-size helicopter at the second stage. 

The Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant engineers fully mastered a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system, conduct analysis and simulations (Computer Aided Engineering, CAE), and develop programs for CNC machines. In addition, they have mastered how to create interactive technical manuals and prepare production facilities technologically based on 3D models of a product. 

It is the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plants vast experience that is used as a basis for the development of corporate approaches to the introduction of PLM solutions at other enterprises of the Russian Helicopters holding.

have been implemented by the experts of LANIT PLM Solutions at the largest manufacturing enterprises of Russia. LANIT PLM Solutions uses in-house digital design and operations management techniques in creating the newest PD-14 engine which is the flagship of Russian aviation engines.