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UMIAS is one of the largest and socially significant metropolitan IT projects of recent years. It employs several thousands of experts from more than 30 domestic IT companies. LANIT is responsible for the development of the platform, a number of key application services, and UMIAS analytical tools.

The introduction of the system has created a common information space for all outpatient clinics of the capital which employ more than 23,000 health professionals.

The system features services such as Online Front Desk, Online Prescription, Sick Leave, the cross-cutting analytics system, and many other features. All health facilities are connected to the cloud management accounting system. Electronic Medical Records are being introduced everywhere.

All health facilities are connected to the cloud management accounting system.

Thanks to UMIAS, waiting time for the doctors appointment has been cut in half, not exceeding 15-20 minutes. This is in line with best international practice. According to periodical email surveys, over 80% of patients are satisfied with health facilities, doctors, and medical personnel work.

Development of clinical laboratory diagnostics is one of the most important development directions today. Its main objective is to provide a full cycle of laboratory research starting from the moment when a clinician orders to diagnostic tests and ending with getting the final test results.

The application for diagnostic tests is sent by a clinic doctor directly to the laboratory information system of the centralized laboratory. The patient"s sample is identified by an individual unique barcode. The diagnostic test results will be displayed online on the clinicians computer. This system will help avoid errors of samples identification and significantly accelerate the delivery of the test results.

To meet the challenges of monitoring, LANIT Group of Companies has created a number of analytical tools. With their help, medical and health services managers receive operational data on access to health care services at Moscows clinics, conduct a situation analysis of emerging problems, and take effective measures to address them. Using these tools enhances the transparency of the capital healthcare sector, improves the organization and management of the patient care process.


In 2017, the Moscow Unified Medical Information and Analytics System was awarded the Global mobileGov Awards award for the third time. The award ceremony was part of the mobileGov World Summit 2017 global conference which took place in the United Kingdom. One of the largest and socially significant projects of the Russian capital in recent years was the winner of the PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2013 competition organized by the Global CIOIT directors community.
Thanks to UMIAS, waiting time for the doctors appointment has been cut in half.
More than 6.2 million electronic medical records were issued through the system.
The total amount of registered appointments is over 388 million. There are 9.6 million unique registered users in UMIAS. About 200 thousand patients use the service daily.