Date of birth:
July 7, 1979
Graduated from the University of Birmingham law faculty in 2000 with the first class diploma. In 2011 graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

30 years of work in IT has proved that we are real professionals, the ones called best of the best. Now the LANITs strategic landmark is innovations. We understand clearly where digital world is moving to, analyze all the modern trends and work on projects in the fields of VR, internet of things, FinTech, BigData and cloud technologies. Staking on the innovations we are sure that we have everything to win, including experience, expertise, and of course, the strong team, that can implement projects of any complexity.


Philippe started managing career at Volgograd tractor plant (which later became the part of Company Agromashholding) where in the period 2001-2005 he worked as Export and Foreign trade Director responsible for the plant commodities promotion in foreign markets and for the work with foreign suppliers.

In 2006 he acted as Vice President of the financial corporation Uralsib, since 2006 till 2008 was Director of direct investment management in ZAO Alliance Continental.

In 2008 Philippe Gens became LANIT Vice President. Since June, 2011 he has also been President of Inventive Retail Group and diHouse (both are parts of the LANIT group). The Chairman of the Treolan Committee of directors.

As LANIT Vice President Philippe Gens was responsible for large corporate accounts development, merging and acquisition engagements supervising, business strategic development of the group, the total company investment policy and inner and external start-ups acceleration.

Since May, 2018 Philippe Gens is President of the LANIT group of companies.

The member of Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT).

According to the Russian managers Association rating Philippe Gens is on the list of TOP-10 managers in Russian IT industry.

Philippe is going for karate, mountain skiing, diving