October 5, 1954 - April 30, 2018   
Economic Cybernetics, Department of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (1976); PhD, Economics


«Richard Layard wrote, that the main goal of a man - to become happy – is often achieved mostly due to his choice of life career. I’m sure, that there are happy people working in our company. Only a happy person can make other people happy, such as their relatives, friends, colleagues, partners and clients. This might be the secret of the LANIT success».

Within the period between 1976 and 1988 George Gens worked at the All-Union Research Institute for Control Automation in the Non-industrial Sphere. Within this period he went the way from the Junior researcher to the position of the head of the department of expert systems and artificial intelligence. 

In 1989 George founded became the head of LANIT (LAboratory of New Information Technologies). Today LANIT is the largest group of IT companies in Russia. 
George Gens was actively involved in the development and implementation of important federal projects for informatization of the country. He was one of the founders and active participants of the Association of Computer and Information Technologies (APKIT).

Awarded President’s Certificate of Honour (2015), medal «For Service to the Motherland», the 2nd class (2011).  
A laureate of Independent Award named by Andrey Lobanov «For the Event outside Ermolova’s Theatre» (2016) and was awarded Lev Nikolaev Gold Medal for the development of education and culture (2014).
Was several times included in the Top 1,000 Russian Managers list, drawn up by the Russian Managers Association and the publishing house «Kommersant». In 2015 he was named as the best top manager in IT industry.

Collected rare books with engravings, etchings by well-known artists as illustrations (Livre d'artiste).
He was fond of mountain skiing, horse riding sailing. Had a pilot's license.