Date of Birth:
January 3, 1946 in Germany.
Graduated from Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics, PhD, Economics.

What was so special about LANIT from the very beginning? There are people who light up easily, but instantly go out. Georgy Gens, igniting some idea, was able to light a fire. He could offer a solution of any problems not only for existing solutions and available specialists. He could take up a new project, and he always found the right people, he knew how to mobilize colleagues - and all these let the problem be solved brillianly.

Since 1983 till 1996 worked for Central Bank of Russia at positions from Deputy Head of Computing Center up to Deputy Chairman. Under his first-hand direction modern national automated system was deployed at Central Office and 69 regional centers. Since 1996 Deputy Chairman of Presidents Committee for Informatization Policy, then Deputy Chairman of Governmental Committee of Russian Federation for Communications and Informatization.

Academician of International Academy of Communications. Published over 100 scientific papers. Since 1999 works for LANIT.

Responsible for LANITs projects at Bank of Russia. Since 2005 Director principal at CJSC LANIT.

Awarded a second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland, Moscow 850 anniversary medal.

Collects postage stamps, is fond of billiards.