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The members of the ABC Consulting team founded ABC Solutions in 2016. The idea was to create a separate direction that would deal with development of in-house ZOZO WFM IT product. ZOZO WFM is a human resources management platform that focuses primarily on retail businesses. As a result, a methodology and an automated system have been developed. These solutions make it possible to get the right employees, reduce costs, increase returns and productivity, and manage the level of service in front offices using science and unique mathematical models.

A team of highly-skilled business analysts, IT architects, programmers, UX designers, and mathematical modeling experts from Russia and the world leading universities has been put together with the goal to develop the nucleus and interface of the system. The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) in Russia helps develop the solution.

In 2017, LANIT Group acquired ABC Solutions. This deal opened the door to new horizons and improvement of service delivery.


Mathematical simulation of complex processes and systems Mathematical simulation of complex processes and systems
Consulting services for retail and HR Consulting services for retail and HR
HR processes automation HR processes automation

Clients of the company

  • Alfa-Bank, OJSC Alfa-Bank, OJSC
  • Inventive Retail Group Inventive Retail Group

Partners and suppliers

  • SAP