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George Gens
President and owner of the LANIT group of companies
Igor Dubrovo
Vice president at LANIT group of companies, First Vice-president, General Director (CEO)
Vladimir Gribov
Vice-president at LANIT group of companies, CEO at LANIT CJSC

George Gens

President and owner of the LANIT group of companies

Date of birth: 5th October 1954

Place of birth: Moscow, Russia

Education and Qualifications:

1976 - Economic Cybernetics, Department of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. 1980 - PhD, Economics. Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS. (The application of various mathematical methods of analysis in economics.)

Work experience:

1976-1988 - George Gens worked in this period at the All-Union Research Institute for Control Automation in the Non-industrial Sphere. He worked his way up through the ranks to the position of the head of the department of expert system and artificial intelligence.

1988-1989 - George was of the founders of engineering and commercial centre Pronto, engaged in programming and scientific and technical services.

1989 - LANIT was founded by Mr Gens and he has led the company since this date.


LANIT (LAboratory of New Information Technologies) is a leading multidisciplinary group of IT companies in Russia and the CIS. Currently LANIT is the largest such IT group in Russia ('Expert RA', 2015).

LANIT Group consists of 40 divisions: regional branches, subsidiary companies, resource and training centers in Russia, the CIS countries and in Canada.

The consolidated turnover of LANIT Group was RUR 114,5 billion in 2016. The annual growth of the company is well ahead of the average development rate of the Russian IT industry as a whole.

Specialists of the LANIT Group have unique experience in implementation of complex innovative projects in different sectors of the economy.

LANIT constantly develops and adopts the most advanced technologies, helping its customers to increase their efficiency and to find new development opportunities.

For many years LANIT has held top positions among the largest Russian IT companies. LANIT is one of the 200 largest non-public companies in Russia (Forbes).

George Gens is actively involved in the development and implementation of projects on the federal scale. He is one of the founders and active participants in the Association of Computer and Information Technology (APKIT).

One of the goals of LANIT is to represent the advanced achievements of the IT industry to Russian specialists. Mr Gens set up the largest training center in the CIS countries - 'LANIT Network Academy', where about 300,000 specialists and IT-system users have been trained so far.

On Mr Gens’ initiative, several faculties have been launched in Russian educational institutions, among them in the Higher School of Economics and at Lomonosov Moscow State University: students of these universities are provided with opportunities to attend certain courses.

Honours and Awards:

2016 -Independent Award named by Andrey Lobanov"For the Event outside Ermolovas Theatre".

2015 - Presidents Certificate of Merit for achievements and high professional performance.

2014 - Lev Nikolaev Gold Medal for the development of education and culture.

2011 - medal 2nd class "For Service to the Motherland".

2007 - medal "For mercy" of the International Charity Fund "Patrons of the Century".

1997 - medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow".

In 2003 Mr Gens became the first Russian winner of the international certificate in Project Management "A" (the highest international rank in the field of project management).

Mr Gens was several times included in the Top 1,000 Russian Managers list, drawn up by the Russian Managers Association and the publishing house "Kommersant".

According to the results of numerous surveys Mr Gens is one of the most influential figures on the Russian IT market.

Interests and hobbies

Fond of skiing, horse-riding, sailing.

Holds a pilot's license.

Collects rare books with engravings, etchings by well-known artists as illustrations (Livre d'artiste).

Igor Dubrovo

Vice president at LANIT group of companies, First Vice-president, General Director (CEO)

Born January 3, 1946 in Germany. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics, PhD, Economics.

Since 1983 till 1996 worked for Central Bank of Russia at positions from Deputy Head of Computing Center up to Deputy Chairman. Under his first-hand direction modern national automated system was deployed at Central Office and 69 regional centers. Since 1996 – Deputy Chairman of President’s Committee for Informatization Policy, then Deputy Chairman of Governmental Committee of Russian Federation for Communications and Informatization.

Academician of International Academy of Communications. Published over 100 scientific papers. Since 1999 works for LANIT.

Responsible for LANIT’s projects at Bank of Russia. Since 2005 – Director principal at CJSC LANIT.

Awarded a second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland, Moscow 850 anniversary medal.

Vladimir Gribov

Vice-president at LANIT group of companies, CEO at LANIT CJSC

Born April 29, 1973. In 1996 graduated from Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman Faculty of Robotics and Complex Automation.

In 1994 started his career at PRO-INVEST Consulting company as manager and developed up to vice-president.

Came to LANIT in 1999. Worked as Head of Directorate of manufacturing facilities, then Head of Management and Consulting Systems Department and Networking Integration Department. At the moment Vladimir Gribov is vice-president of LANIT group of companies and CEO at LANIT CJSC.

Marked with Certificates of Merit of Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and Moscow Government.